John Reese, the developer of the Free Blog Rush targeted traffic tool, has done it again.

His new free blog tool is called Traffic Jam … the easiest way to speed read thousands of blogs in minutes.

Here’s what I mean:

John Reese’s new Traffic Jam collects headlines from the tens of thousands of blogs that are getting free traffic from his Free Blog Rush network… and then it publishes them to’s easy-to-use website… more free traffic for your blog.

Here’s a quote from their own “what is” section:
“ uses technology to analyze the click-through rates of millions of blog post titles across the BlogRush Network, along with other factors such as time spent on a particular blog entry’s page, and attempts to estimate the ‘popularity’ and ‘quality’ of certain posts based on similar data from other blog posts of the same topic.”

 Speed read thousands of blogs in a few minutes: