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How to use this RSS Feed Button tool in 6 quick steps:

  1. Fill in the RSS URL
  2. Select the RSS feed button from the list below, and fill out applicable information.
  3. Make sure all assoicated URL are fill out CORRECTLY!
  4. Submit the form
  5. Press the "Highlight All" button Below
  6. Copy the Feed Button Code that is the "Highlight All" Box
  7. Paste the feed button code on your blog or website

Note: All URL needs to be in the form of "http://www.insertYourURLHere.com".

  • Enter Your RSS Feed Here:

Simply Check the Box next to the RSS feed buttons below that you'd like to feature on your blog or website.

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Copy Your Code Here:

If you are using a Wordpress blog, copy this code into a text widget and place in your sidebar