Update: Sorry, but I (Jeff Johnson) am no longer supporting the Yahoo Pipes Tool.

It was never intended to be a sole source of content but too many people used it as such.

We are currently developing new content tools and need to concentrate on them for now.

Join my list over on my main free content blog at Jeff Johnson UndergroundTrainingLab.com and I’ll keep you updated.

Our Free Yahoo Pipes tool helps you create unique content for your blog and remove duplicate content in the process.

Here’s how it works:

You enter your primary keywords into our custom pipes.

Our custom pipes will then search multiple websites such as Digg, Technorati, Yahoo News, PRWeb, and Google News for keyword rich RSS content that is related to your site.

Once it finds your keyword related “RSS content”…  our custom pipes will compare that RSS feeds to the other RSS feeds it finds for you and remove any duplicate content.

Then our custom pipes will produce a “unique” RSS feed that you drop into your wordpress blog.

Your blog will then post this “unique” keyword-rich RSS content to your wordpress blog at random intervals.

If you are using other sources of content for your blog such as data feeds and articles, and you should, you’ll end up with a truly unique blog that builds itself on auto-pilot.

Here’s the link to our custom yahoo pipes tool again:

Yahoo Pipes